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RollWorks Agency Partner Program

A good-faith partnership built off of reciprocity - which means there are no minimums, and no fees associated to join our program. Our purpose is to partner with driven agencies to grow our businesses together.

Co-Marketing Initiatives

Show up in-market together to drive demand for both your agency and RollWorks.

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Co-Selling Initiatives

Generate new leads for your agency by: identifying crossover between RollWorks clients and your own, receiving referrals from our Sales/CS teams, and organically through web traffic.

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Referral Commissions

Multiple referral commission structures in place to ensure that your agency AND your employees benefit from the partnership.

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Meet RollWorks’ Agency Partners

A network of leading agencies providing account-based marketing and advertising expertise to account-focused marketing teams

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ABM as a Service Agency

ABM as a Service for Technology, SaaS, Supply Chain, Logistics and Medtech.

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The ABM Agency

An agile team of B2B marketing professionals specializing in account-based marketing (ABM) and lead generation for mid-market-to-large organizations and enterprises. Over decades, our senior team members have honed their expertise in ABM strategy and orchestration, digital channels, techstack integration, and data visualization. Using a unique blend of ABM, B2B Lead Gen, and Sales Enablement to align the marketing and sales processes and accelerate revenue, we deploy Proof of Concept, 1:Many, 1:Few, 1:1 and Sales Support ABM campaigns that deliver an industry-leading 9x ROI.


  • Our Custom In Market Dash
  • Precision Marketing for smaller B2B budgets using the same person based targeting.


1:1 ABM Services

Welcome to ABMA, Your Partner in 1:1 Account-Based Marketing

Break Through the Noise with Personalized, 1:1 Account-Based Marketing

In an increasingly competitive B2B landscape, standing out and resonating with your target accounts is no longer optional. At ABMA, we specialize in crafting and implementing 1:1 Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies, helping enterprise technology companies like yours not only to stand out, but to win over key decision makers, secure large RFPs, and unlock new enterprise accounts.

Why Choose ABMA

Our team of seasoned ABM specialists, armed with deep industry knowledge and innovative tools, partners with you to create, deploy, and scale 1:1 ABM campaigns that drive tangible results. We believe that every account is unique, and thus requires a unique approach.

Account Selection

We work with you to identify high-value target accounts that align with your business goals, leveraging predictive analytics and firmographic data to ensure your marketing efforts are focused on the most promising opportunities.

Account and Buyer Committee Research

Our in-depth account research goes beyond the surface level. We delve into your target accounts, investigating their organizational structure, business priorities, and key stakeholders. By understanding the buyer committee in detail, we ensure that your messaging resonates at every level of the organization.

Decision Maker Research

We study the key decision makers, understanding their pain points, needs, and preferences. This intelligence allows us to tailor messaging that speaks directly to them, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Messaging Arcs and Buyer Journeys

We don't just help you speak to your target accounts; we help you speak their language. By crafting personalized messaging arcs and mapping out nuanced buyer journeys, we ensure that your communication is relevant, compelling, and timely at each touchpoint.

Winning Over Decision Makers

Our focus is not just on reaching decision makers, but on winning them over. We leverage psychological insights, compelling storytelling, and highly personalized content to influence their perceptions and decision-making processes, helping you build strong, profitable relationships.

Deploying 1:1 ABM

Finally, we take your carefully crafted 1:1 ABM strategies live, constantly monitoring and optimizing them for maximum impact and ROI.

Ready to Win with 1:1 ABM?

Whether you're looking to expand within existing accounts, win big on RFPs, or acquire new enterprise accounts, we're here to help. Start your journey towards success with [Your ABM Agency Name] today. Contact us for a free consultation and see how we can transform your ABM efforts.