Agency Partners

We work with the industry's most recognized agencies

Partner with us to provide your customers with the best account-based programs

Technology Partners

Bringing value for our agency partners, while driving performance for your clients

RollWorks Agency Partner Program

A good-faith partnership built off of reciprocity - which means there are no minimums, and no fees associated to join our program. Our purpose is to partner with driven agencies to grow our businesses together.

Co-Marketing Initiatives

Show up in-market together to drive demand for both your agency and RollWorks.

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Co-Selling Initiatives

Generate new leads for your agency by: identifying crossover between RollWorks clients and your own, receiving referrals from our Sales/CS teams, and organically through web traffic.

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Referral Commissions

Multiple referral commission structures in place to ensure that your agency AND your employees benefit from the partnership.

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Meet RollWorks’ Agency Partners

A network of leading agencies providing account-based marketing and advertising expertise to account-focused marketing teams

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Results-driven creative that packs a punch.

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As B2B marketers in the technology and industrial markets, we deliver business-savvy storytelling, innovative technology, and time-tested marketing strategies.

Our domain expertise in Tech and Manufacturing has been earned through 25 years of hands-on experience. Our mission is and always has been to provide customers with a blend of forward-thinking tactics and tools while harnessing the power of traditional direct marketing tactics such as telemarketing and direct mail.

The objective never changes - deliver clients and their channel partners bottom-of-the-funnel opportunities at the lowest cost per MQL possible.



Demand Generation

We specialize in helping businesses connect with their ideal prospects. Our expert prospect engagement services are designed to help you succeed in the initial stages of the buyer's journey. We'll tailor our approach to match your business', and buyers' specific needs, regardless of industry, so you don't miss out on potential leads.

Partner Demand Gen

 Our expertise shows that lead generation programs for partners are filled with challenges. Each partner has a different level of marketing expertise and available resources. It’s one of the reasons MDF or JMF dollars go underutilized or are ineffectively used. Another is the lack of strategy and clear direction from the OEM.

We can run a program led by you or work directly with your partners to execute lead generation programs. 

ABM Programs

At Sudden Impact Marketing, we can help you with every aspect of your ABM program. With our 5 commandments for successful ABM marketing programs, we’ll help you:

  • Speak to the entire organization
  • Optimize content for account uniqueness
  • Feed your database with the contact information you need
  • Strive to create a sense of partnership
  • Be patient

Digital Advertising

We offer digital advertising services that help you get results without all the busywork. In addition to developing strategy, messaging, and content for digital ad campaigns, we also run the machinery of the efforts for you. Our intimate familiarity with the tools and constant attention to platform changes means we can quickly and efficiently execute your campaigns.

We’ll steward you through the entire process—from planning to execution to refining your strategy based on data and implementing remarketing efforts.

Event Management

In the B2B technology and industrial spaces, events can play an irreplaceable role for sales and marketing. With the number of planned events increasing, now is the time to capitalize.

Whether hybrid or in-person, let Sudden Impact Marketing help you take your events to the next level with:

  • Strategy: Event Planning — Not all event participation is created equal. Ensure your attendance, time, and budget results in the outcomes your team expects.
  • Content: Event Collateral — Show up, stand out. Our creative team will polish your brand’s presentation: pre-event, post-event and on-site.
  • Engagement: Event Promotion — Generate mindshare and ensure attendance with strategic targeting and execution of event promotional materials.
  • Engagement: Personal Outreach — Increase registration and attendance, and personally connect to your audience with our exclusive engagement team.

Phone Engagement

Our phone engagement is different: from the way we operate to the people who make the calls. Our team consists of seasoned business professionals from a variety of industries. We combine proven database marketing best practices with lead generation expertise and a deep knowledge of B2B to create opportunities for your business.

Most telemarketing companies submit only leads or appointments that meet the minimum criteria—and then walk away.

We do more than deliver qualified leads that have a genuine interest in talking to salespeople. We believe in harnessing the value of every call.

  • If the contact isn't the correct person for your solution, we find out who is
  • If a contact isn't interested in your solution, we probe to understand why
  • We determine who replaced a contact in a target company and reach out to that person
You get the full value of every call. Our clients benefit from greater intelligence and more accurate information about prospects and their interest level.

Content Development

Our B2B marketing content services—including positioning, messaging, copywriting, and editing—help you build effective assets that say the right thing, to the right audience, in a way that resonates with them.

We believe you need to speak directly to your customers’ pain points and priorities to inspire action. And we can help you show them that you understand their world and their challenges, while demonstrating how you can solve their problems.

And we’ll distill your brand story or solution message into its most essential and effective form and transform complexity into simple, clear, and compelling communication.

Market Strategy

Preparation is essential to achieving your most desirable outcomes. And attention to detail is crucial for campaign success.

At SIM, we execute all the inbound, outbound, demand generation, and lead generation marketing strategies you might expect, but our approach will deliver results that exceed those expectations.

We combine a common-sense methodology with veteran expertise in critical thinking and problem solving to boost your brand—so, you can achieve your goals and make the most of your marketing spend.